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The 15M and 30M charts perform exceptionally well with the Golden Line Forex Indicator. Any timeframe, though, is appropriate for using this technique. Always check the 1H and 4H charts to determine the longer-term trend while trading, for instance, the 30M chart. This is a general rule of thumb. To lessen drawdown and boost consistency, do not act on the signal on the 30M chart in opposition to the longer-term trend.

We also advise experimenting with new approaches and changing (adding or deleting) indicators to suit your needs.

The bottom-left Madro Golden Filter Indicator has a blue arrow pointing up (it only shows after the close of the candle)
Three or more of the Madro Golden Filter’s indicators must be blue (best if four for confirmation of entry). There is no entry if any one of these four (arrow, small cross, small square, and “x” square) is red.
The candle itself must be GREY.
There must be green FXSniper LSMA.

PriceChannelStop v1 must be below the candlestick and blue in color.
For greater discretion, use the Fibonacci retracement and pivot lines. If you are unfamiliar with pivot points, I advise you to read the complimentary supplementary pivot points summary information included in this package so that you may make an informed decision in the event that buy signals are generated in conjunction with price being close to pivot points.

The Madro Golden Filter indicator has a red arrow pointing downward.
The Madro Golden Filter indication must have at least three red indicators. NO ENTRY if any are blue.
The FXSniper LSMA should be red, and the actual candle must be red.
PriceChannelStop v1 must be displayed above the candlestick and in magenta.
Use the pivot lines and Fibonacci sequences given above.

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