Genious Indicator -IZBAR

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Genious Indicator -IZBAR 1

Genious Indicator -IZBAR

The professional indicator ISOBAR gives its owner a number of advantages….Stop cluttering the chart, because everything in genius is simple!

Genious Indicator -IZBAR 2

Few trades of the IZIBAR indicator 


Genious Indicator -IZBAR 3

Develop and earn
The specificity of this indicator allows the trader to constantly develop and improve his results!
Some information about the indicator …

1 Powerful support and resistance levels
During a signal to open a position, a powerful level is formed, which can further provide resistance or support for the price. The levels are not redrawn!

2 Burst of coordination
Few people know about this type of analysis, but it was included in the indicator algorithm. The values ​​that you see in the “basement” signal a non-standard change in market activity, after which the price often reacts very “violently” to the level!

3 “Two fronts”
A unique feature of the indicator that we called “two fronts” In the event of a losing trade, you do not need to average the initial lot (2x) against the trend. If the price breaks the level impulsively, it often moves intensively towards the breakout. Thus, you can enter (2x) a lot in the direction of the trend (enter either immediately or on a pullback, that is, wait for the level retest ) .Thus, you can cover most of the losing trades, reducing risks and significantly increasing WinRate

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