Forex new Line Indicator

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Forex new Line Indicator 1

Forex new Line Indicator

QMT has absorbed the main aspects of technical analysis trading and is a full-fledged mechanism with which you can not only receive high-quality signals but also, in principle, see the mood of the market.

‼️Today in the chat they were interested in the New line of QMT A drives, so far there is no information about them. Check out the previous version. An interesting indicator, with a lot of filters. Instructions in the archive.

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without binding
⏰tf m5, m15
does not draw (signals appear online)
any assets

Indicator QMT 2.0


⏰timeframe 5min 15min

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The drive was created primarily to solve three problems of indicators and the ability to trade with any market change.

What are the problems of indicators:

FirstThis is an attempt to put the market in a certain framework. Strategies mainly work according to a certain pattern and in the overall picture of the market they are one of the puzzles, as soon as the picture changes, the puzzle ceases to fit and the indicator no longer shows the statistics that it was before and a new cycle of searching for the best signals begins

Second. This is the difficulty of choosing a good entry point. One way or another, no matter how good the indicator or strategy is, in order to always be in the black, the trader has to select signals. No matter how much the indicator is touted, no matter what win rate it has for a week in the long term, without the selection of signals, and without analysis, the indicator will not show the desired results. The trader has to apply knowledge or other systems in order to make a selection from the indicator signals. But this can be problematic. Most indicators show that some condition has been met, and we get a signal, but it can be difficult to understand whether it is worth taking it or not just because a separate indicator does not show many other important factors

Third. This is the very influence of indicators and strategies on the trader. Surprisingly, the presence of an indicator or signals in a trader does not lead to trading at all, but to the search for other better instruments, or to the complication of the latter.

Forex Line Indicator Download Free

The drive solves these problems of indicators due to the fact that it is based on fundamental principles

Liquidity levels
End-to-End Multiframe Analysis
Price reaction/state
Forex Line Indicator Download Free

And due to the fact that in the future it will acquire new, roughly speaking, signals.

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