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The Crazy arrow indicator is one of my favorite indicators to trade with because it is very beginner-friendly and has a high level of accuracy when it comes to entry and exit, as well as taking profits and stopping losses.

I’ve included a video in this article to help you learn how to use the indicator and how to install it. Crazy Arrow Indicator For MT4 was created using a price action and aberration approach.

Crazy Arrow is a Forex indicator that delivers 100 percent accuracy in trading. It can be used for both long and short-term professions. This method provides you with a specific Sl (quit loss) as well as three levels of Tp (take revenues).

This signal was created as a result of an access violation. The broker should have low fees, low swaps, and also a fast server.

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Crazy Arrow systems are insane. In order to better understand patterns and price activity, draw Auto Support and Resistance in a live chart. Although this is a non-repainting indication, you may notice that the Arrows change when you reopen the Terminal.

The system provides the most recent signal, which includes three-degree take profits and stop-loss settings. Old Signals just reveals with Arrows for a simple visual effect.


After technical analysis, wait for the Crazy Arrowhead Indicator to determine a buy signal. The trading system then generates a buy signal with a specific market entry and stop-loss, as well as a target, take profit.

Sell Signal :

Crazy Arrowhead Indicator analyzes trend and price action technical analysis and then generates a sell signal with a specific market entrance, target take profits, and stop loss.

Please try for at least a week an ICMarket demo account. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this free forex ea works before using it on a live account

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