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Boom crash index expert advisor forex robot,what’s up profitable traders today’s blog will be on the boom, crash 500 index markets live auto trading I will be using GAP expert advisor to see if I can make a quick and safe profit daily with this expert advisor the expert does not support backtests gap expert advisor is designed to trade only on boom crash 500 market indices

But you are welcome to test it on other markets too setting that EA is easy if you have Deriv MT5 installed you just double click the file this expert advisor has two set files these are to give you the optimum settings of this EA however you can adjust the settings to your liking after download

on the input panel, this is where you insert your trade requirements those include a number of lots per trade your stop loss per trade your take profit per trade the set file sets all that automatically but you can reset and create your best trade settings all done the expert advisor is set up and running

I have added the harmonic pattern finder on my chart to help me find key reversal points of the market this will assist me in identifying the key points and knowing the current trend and state of the market I noted this expert advisor executes trades very fast it also takes multiple trades at the same time so you should be near your computer when the EA is running especially if you only want to make a quick profit within a short period of time you can choose between long-term trading and short-term trading.

on this blog, we will do a quick profit making using this expert advisor our starting balance is one thousand nine hundred and ten dollars the goal is to try and close as much trades as possible in profit before the spike catches up with you the expert advisor can support an account of 100 use 0.1 lot leverage should be one is to 500 you can always manually close the trades that are in profit and also close the trades that are in loss to prevent further losses from occurring Read and Learn how fast I close the trades and I’m able to scoop some ten dollars within a few minutes.

too halfway there just made five dollars using this EA within 10 minutes roughly I noticed, and I recommended restarting auto trading with the ca because it works best on a real-time market analysis I do not recommend it for long-term auto trading, but I recommend it for quick entry and exit into trades it’s called turbo trading

so these are the trade results of the past trades taken by EA the win rate is good, but maybe that depends on the market get your copy and test and see how it works for you

That EA has now made 10 with minimal losses my take on this gap expert advisor is that you can use this EA to make a quick profit the da may be affected by sudden spikes, it’s worth trying though it might be your lucky day when a spike happens like it’s about to do now that EA will react by closing the current running trades this will lead to a loss but not a huge one if you can avoid spikes using this expert advisor will give good results the da will try and recover current losses after the spike has happened

the final trading history for the expert advisor during that trading session the da made a profit at the end of the trading session, but it also made some losses, but the win rate was higher than the loss rate wanting to make money in the financial market without accepting there will be losses is like waiting to breathe but only wishing to exhale

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