Make your Bank With Forex Zen method forex trading

Make your Bank With Forex Zen method forex trading 1

i need to share with you guys ,this technique could be very easy, and really simple.
that is free, however please do your personal analysis first.
as a result of i simply analysis it with one pair this 12 months, and it earns 3400 pips this 12 months.
please analysis and backtest it with one other pair and shares right here.
as a result of i imagine sharing is caring, and by sharing we are able to improves ourself and likewise others.

The technique is kind of easy:
1.Open GBPUSD,use the primary hour indicator connected, set it to 8.00(I take advantage of GMT+2 dealer) for others dealer please suite it with your personal dealer.

2.then + 100 pips from the excessive of the 8.00,set a purchase cease and set the TP +100 pips from the buystop entry.
and -100 pips from the low of the 8.00 , set a promote cease and set tp TP -100 pips from the promote cease entry.

it will be appear like this:

Make your Bank With Forex Zen method 23.55 if it isnt triggered delete the commerce, it every single day.

*We dont use SL with this technique, we let it float, if it hit TP then your account develop.If not then let it float,
we should use small lot for the technique,
however every tp is 100 pips, so even 0.01 lot in commonplace account earns 10 greenback every TP hit.

If anyone needs to make the EA for this technique, you’re very welcome.
Please do backtest for an additional pair like GBPJPY , EURUSD , AND OTHERS and please share the outcomes right here so we are able to enhance collectively.


Make your Bank With Forex Zen method forex trading 2