Holy Grail Trading System – Stable with High Profit Forex

Holy Grail Trading System

Holy Grail Trading System Description :

I’m Trying to share a new Trading system so that others which impacted with COVID Pandemic can gain & others who able to improve this system are most welcomed.!!


Open Two Frame in same time et load the template :

M15 TF


1.(Only use for H1 VS M15) (both direction must be align)

2.Sell/Put when Down arrow in RED ZONE (Preferable) either in H1 TF or M15 TF

3.Buy/Long when Up arrow in BLUE ZONE (Preferable) either in H1 TF or M15 TF

TP : Next Line FIB

Exit :

Use next line FIB as exit or u can wait until M15 giving next signal from PUT to LONG or LONG to PUT (Reverse signal at M15 TF).

Once M15 Giving the same direction as H1 TF. Then u guys can reenter the trade.

Example 1 :

This is example to answer similar situation u’ve shown me. (YOUR’S are at STAR 2)

Yes u can gain more if place LONG & then switch to PUT Once M15 giving u reverse signal. But H1 TF Still remain LONG.(no new X given). So adviceable to just wait for M15 gving another LONG signal. Remember Trend is a Friend? =)

Hope it gv u better picture on how to place entry. Good Luck

Example 1 :

From picture attached below, ill place my stop loss on top of “Marked area” at M15 TF. (SELL)

Same goes to buy

Holy Grail Trading System Results:

This is my 3 Month of trading with no red result. All blue.

Some Might say its repaint whenever they try in Strategy tester – Yerp. Ive Tried. In Tester its repaint a lot.but whenever i tried in Real the result are too good to be true

(SO please try in demo LIVE 1st using this Template then only Comment ok! since my template got few filter in there. Thanks)

My 1st post are my live acc.. So yerp. Its working on live. (below are myfxbook for this acc.)