HFX Indicator Forex MT4 Indicator

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HFX Indicator Forex MT4 Indicator 1

HFX Indicator Forex MT4 Indicator

Forex HFX Indicator, The term “HFX trading” (also known as “Forex trading”) is used by those (Forex Traders) who actively trade foreign currencies with the intention of gaining financial advantage or benefit.

Hedgers who want to protect their accounts in the event of a negative move against their own currency positions, or traders trying to buy or sell a currency with the goal of profiting from the currency’s price movement

With a little more flair, this indicator combines my volume and trend indicators.

This technique assumes that the market is trending, with price moving generally in one direction with occasional reversals.

The backdrop calculator is this indicator’s most original idea (divergent). The intimate connection with the relative strength index and the on-balance volume set this script apart from other scripts on forex tools. You can identify overbought and oversold circumstances thanks to the divergence.

Utilizing the Keltner Channels, which shed light on volatility, is another novel approach.

Forex HFX Indicator Results

HFX Indicator Forex MT4 Indicator 1

Best Trading Times are from 3am to 12am EST (NY Time).
Trendy markets are where this strategy performs best.

Pairs of currencies: all major, exotic, and crypto

Here Is The Plan:
When oversold and buy conditions exist, take the buy (call) option.
When overbought and sell are present, select the sell (put) option.

Remember that the timeframe you choose will depend on when you trade the markets.
the first 2-4 minutes of the day

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