Half Trend MT4 Indicator

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Half Trend MT4 Indicator 1

Half Trend MT4 Indicator

This indicator is distinct since it is founded on the trend theory.

The Half Trend Indicator MT4 is a whole approach that flawlessly depicts not only the trend itself, but also continually catches up with it, exposes fresh signs, and attempts to capitalize on the trend to the fullest.

The SSV-v5 indicator has five indications stitched in at once to help you filter out erroneous signals during the reversal period.

The indicator has a good performance both during regular trading hours and at all times.

The SSV-v5 indicator has built-in parameters, so there is no need to modify it; all that is needed to get started trading is to impose it on the chart.

We place the indicator in the Indicators folder, update the indicator data or simply reload MT4. Then open the Navigator tab (Ctrl+N).
Choose an indicator and put it on the chart.

The Half Trend Indicator MT4 is an amazing Fx tool, it shows a signal (arrows: blue, red) after the trend peak (reversal).

The indicator shows NOT one signal as usual trend indicators do, but many (in practice, up to 35 signals in one trend),
which allows you to take a good profit even on a small trend (from practice for the week 520%).

Entry rules
Timeframe 5 min. (other times are available upon request).
Input: when the signal changes (the appearance of a new one). It is recommended to skip the first signal as a possible noise (trend indicators can make noise sideways).

With the appearance of each new arrow (signal) on the trend, we open a new position.
If the signal was at night or during the day (missed), we place a pending order.

Exit rules

when the opposite signal appears (after the red, the blue arrow, and vice versa).
Stop. Considering that there are different trends (long-term, short-term, intraday, etc.) and they can reverse, it is worth placing stops.
For the exit point, you can focus on support and resistance levels, and set additional indicators (channel or overbought-oversold).
You can also use additional indicators 15-09-TW to exit


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