EA Breeze v7 Scalper vs Slippage forex-robot

EA Breeze v7 Scalper vs Slippage forex-robot 1

Regards, revenue with low DD,
EA Breeze v7 Scalper vs Slippage
EA breeze v7 replace. on this model I remove the information filter so for these of you who wish to use the information filter, you should utilize the downloadable EA Breeze v6 HERE . What’s new from EA Breeze v7?

  1. New sign set off from the transferring common.
  2. Concentrate on logical revenue with threat = reward.
  3. Take away information filter.
  4. Take away hidden SL as a result of it’s generally uncovered to slippage in order that the order instantly closes.
  5. My backtest is eliminated as a result of generally it’s the reason for the failure of the dealer to make logical settings in order that our logic in deciphering threat and reward can be fallacious, so it is good for me to do away with it.

I’ll remind you of some circumstances for utilizing EA scalper like this EA breeze.
EA Scalper Necessities:

  1. Brokers with low Spreads . Attempt to unfold under 1.5 pips (15 factors).
  2. Brokers with zero Cease Stage or a minimum of under 5 factors.
    3, Brokers that enable Scalping with out time circumstances.
  3. Brokers with low slippage.
  4. Timeframe H1.
  5. Use pairs which have low spreads equivalent to EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and many others.
  6. Set up in VPS with a small ping latency (SocialVps is advisable) and higher with massive RAM. If you wish to subscribe to SocialVPS HERE .
    In your opinion, if we examine Scalper vs Slippage who will win? The reply have to be Slippage. as a result of each our loss and revenue have to be affected.

Slippage is at all times a nightmare for scalpers whether or not guide or robotic, as a result of both we get loss or revenue, all will probably be uncovered to slippage particularly out there with nice volatility.

when revenue = revenue – slippage
when loss = loss + (-slippage)

so this slippage is basically essentially the most scary specter …

properly with this logical revenue system, it looks as if we won’t assist however need to lock in income earlier than our income will be swallowed up by slippage once more. as I defined within the earlier article

, the calculation of slippage is as follows:
Loss + slippage VS revenue – SL slage – slippage VS trailing begin – slippage + trailing cease Nicely, so right here trailing begin serves as a lock revenue and trailing cease turns into a further revenue if the market continues to be in our revenue path. Logical is the reason above ??? it makes extra sense, proper ???, so when slippage takes up a few of our buying and selling pips, then we additionally need to lock in income in order that a minimum of we nonetheless

EA Breeze v7 Scalper vs Slippage forex-robot 2