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Bol Band EA- 200% NetProfitMonthly forex robot 1

I am Daemon i have been a trader since 2009 and i have been very passionate about ever since. Although i really suck in the beginning but i got better and went into full time as a fund manager from 2012-2014 which i didnt really enjoy as it got serious and stressful so i quit and took up another line of career that i enjoyed till now.
I did really bad as a manual trader and only get good when i start to trade with EA instead and here are some experiences i can conclude from trading for the past 10 years
ALL EAs can make money but it is not a Holy Grail. You will need to manage it can adjust the settings periodically to suit the market.
Something Bad will always happen that is why u need to manage your draw down and know when you need to cut your losses
Before you start trading you need to know all about your strategy, it is like your business plan, your compass to tell you what are your potential gains and when your EA is failing and you need to stop trading and re adjust your settings

I call this EA and trading method ” Flow”, it is a combination of using simple core strategy that is using Bolinger Band for Entry, using martingale for Sub trades and then using Fibonacci to take profit.
The logic of this strategy is that the market will retrace at least 20% or 30% after moving certain pips and we will enter trades at X interval so that when it retrace X%, it will close all trades with profit.
I have been using this EA for consistent profit for quite sometime and i want to share it here for a few objectives

First of all i want to give back to those that have helped me in Forex Factory since 2010
T.E.A.M Together Each Achieve More i hope this strategy can improve and become better through this thread because i know there are so many more brilliant people than me
Hope more people can achieve consistent profit from this strategy
In this thread there is no Right or Wrong, i only believe in making it better.
IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN THIS STRATEGY, instead of posting negative stuff here like a IMMATURE person you can have the courtesy to just go to other threads.
IF YOU LOST MONEY BECAUSE OF THIS STRATEGY, it is because u dont have a good way of handling Drawdown and loss more than you should.

I am already having own consistency from this and I don’t really need to have people that have not traded this for more than a few years to complain to me about this strategy. Furthermore, this strategy is FREE and OPEN to ALL, I am not selling this to anyone and definitely no profiting from sharing this strategy or EA.
I will not go too much into the details on how to use it and I hope those that try this EA, already have some knowledge on:
1 Have experiences with EA trading
2 Know how to do optimization
3 Know how to do Forward Testing

While Doing Optimization for me i only take results that have more than 200% to 300% return a year in to consideration
and i will only pick DRAWDOWN not more than 30%
Reason for that is trying to have more than 30% profit as soon as possible before there is a drawdown of more than 30% which i will change to a new Optimized setting and start trading again.
For example a few situations:

only trades 1-2 months, only profit 10% and then a drawdown of 30% happens to make the maths easier i will close all trades and take roughly around 20% loss and i will restart with a new setting
trade maybe 5-6 months achieved 50% profit and then drawdown 30% will stop trading with less than 20% profit and restart with another optimized setting
After trading for a year regardless if you hit your MAX drawdown target, it will still be advised to change to a new optimized setting for better profits according to the new market movements

  • To sum up, having settings that gives you more than 300% and less than 30% drawdown is very important before you start, and if the forward test experience drawdown more than 30% that setting will be redundant and you need to use or optimize another setting.

Below you should see:
The EA FLow
The Back Test i did from 2018.02.02 to 2019.02.28
Forward Test from 2019.03.01 to current date
Some of my recent live results

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Bol Band EA- 200% NetProfitMonthly forex robot 5
Bol Band EA- 200% NetProfitMonthly forex robot 6

This strategy is already pretty good for me, but i also believe there is not BEST only BETTER. And i hope we can become better as times goes by with better ideas and development IF anyone wants to see the live trading you can view from the trade explorer
BEST WISHES to everyone in trading and Consistent Profits to all.

Best Regards

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